Did you know that Cornwall has at least 5,215 jewellers? Gone are the days when you had to go to many boutiques in person to get classic items and stylish diamonds that fit your style and budget. You may now browse for jewellery in Cornwall from the convenience of your own home.

Isn’t this a good thing? When purchasing jewellery online, however, you may become overwhelmed by the large range of items available in various designs, pricing, and quality. You might be hesitant to invest your money without first viewing a piece of jewellery in person. Also, how can you know whether an internet jewellery business is reputable and trustworthy before making a purchase?

The reality is that some individuals believe that buying jewellery online is unsafe, and their fears are occasionally legitimate. So, what steps should you take to feel secure about your online jewellery purchases and to shop safely on the internet in general?

Cornwall, here are our top ten suggestions for buying jewellery securely online:

    It’s difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust while shopping for jewellery online. Before you purchase, do some research to find reputable internet retailers.

Make advantage of your favourite search engine to locate the greatest online Cornwall jewellery retailers. Do you require assistance? For more information, see our 5 Tips for Finding the Best Cornwall Jewellers and What to Look for When Shopping for Cornwall Jewellery.

Once you’ve located several businesses that sell jewellery you like, do some background investigation to see whether they’re reputable and if they’re a good fit for you before proceeding.

Consider the following:

What is the history of the internet store?
Is there a credible background narrative on the website’s ‘about us’ page?
What is the location of the company? Is it a Cornwall-based jewellery company that adheres to the state’s consumer protection laws?
Is it simple to get in touch with the jewellery store, and does it look that they provide good customer service?
Is the jewellery style and photos constant, suggesting that completed items are sourced from various areas and re-sold, or is there a significant range in jewellery style and photography, indicating that finished products are received from different places and are re-sold?
What is the range of prices? Is it reasonable and within your budget? Are the payment options reliable?
How thorough are the product descriptions? Do you have enough knowledge to make an informed decision regarding your purchase?
Are the company’s ideals compatible with your own? Is it, for example, an eco-friendly jewellery company that strives to be ethical and sustainable?
Does the website appear to be credible, trustworthy, and well-established?
Is there a social media presence for the company, and does it appear authentic rather than flooded with false followers?

    When purchasing jewellery, keep in mind that it’s very probable that your friends or family members have done so in the past. Inquire about their opinions and whether they would suggest any particular shop.

Sometimes all you need is a suggestion from a friend. Also, inquire whether they’ve heard of a certain online jewellery store you’ve discovered, and if so, what they’ve heard about it.

You may, of course, suggest internet firms with which you’ve had a positive experience. Simone Walsh Jewellery, an independent online jewellery business, relies mainly on word-of-mouth referrals from people just like you.

    Choosing a good online jewellery supplier may appear to be a difficult task. Looking at what previous consumers have to say about a shop, on the other hand, makes the procedure easier. Customer reviews may be an useful sign of a store’s trustworthiness.

Check to see if previous customers were satisfied. Always go with an online jewellery company that has a lot of positive feedback and excellent client ratings.

Look at the online store’s website as well as a general search engine to see if there are any other reviews. Keep in mind that pleased consumers are less likely to post a review, but unsatisfied ones are more likely to do so. If you have a large number of unsatisfied customers who have left legitimate-sounding evaluations, you should surely consider them.

    When it comes to this topic, we know we sound like a broken record, but when buying jewellery online, you should always inspect each piece to see what it is made of and understand what that implies.

For example, just because a piece of jewellery has the words’silver’ or ‘gold’ in its title doesn’t indicate it’s made of genuine gold or silver. It might just be a reference to the colour rather than the materials used. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t buy costume jewellery; it just means you should know exactly what you’re getting.

Our jewellery dictionary is a fantastic place to look for information if you’re not sure what various materials are or what different jewellery terminology represent.

If an online business does not give clear and extensive information on the materials used to create each product it sells, be cautious. Our recommendation is to stay away.

    Too-cheap jewellery costs are a red flag, especially if you get the idea that the jewellery is composed of valuable metals and gemstones (a low price indicates that it isn’t).

Low costs may also indicate that the jewellery is produced in an unethical manner utilising sweatshop labour. We don’t want our hard-earned cash supporting such behaviours, and we hope you don’t either.

While too-good-to-be-true jewellery prices are not a good indicator, you should also keep in mind that a high price tag does not always imply quality or ethical activities. It’s possible that you’re just paying a lot of money for a large brand name with hefty overheads rather than top-quality jewellery.

This isn’t to say that exorbitant costs are never reasonable. Solid gold or platinum jewellery, as well as pieces set with high-quality or rare mined gemstones, will always be costly. Complex works crafted by a talented or sought-after artisan will do the same.

Also keep in mind that tiny Cornwall jewellery shops like ours must price enough to cover their costs, pay themselves livable salaries, and produce jewellery without using unethical labour techniques. Read our article What it Means to Truly Support Small Shops, Designers, and Artisans to have a clearer idea of what’s involved.

Essentially, you should be aware of the level of quality that your money will allow. In terms of design distinctiveness, material quality, and level of craftsmanship, aim to obtain what you paid for. Spending a lot of money on a huge brand name or a big company with big overheads isn’t our idea of a good time.

Doing your homework to better understand who you’re buying from, what the jewellery company is all about, and whether they seem like a good fit for you is a big part of this.

    Make sure you understand the dimensions of any item of jewellery you’re considering purchasing online. It’s a good idea to think about this before you order because you could get something that isn’t quite the size you expected.

Photographing jewellery is a difficult task (believe us, we know!) It’s also tough to convey a sense of scale and size in general. Even photos of models wearing jewellery might be deceiving. It’s a good idea to think about this before you place your purchase because you could get something that isn’t quite the size you expected.

Each item of jewellery we offer and its major components are always measured in centimetres and inches (see the’sizes and materials’ section on each of our jewellery product pages). Make sure the jewellery store you’re considering does the same so you know exactly what you’re buying.

While shopping for jewellery online, we recommend keeping a ruler or tape measure nearby so you can refer to it for a clear sense of size.

Also keep in mind that, in certain cases, size does matter more in terms of fit than it does in terms of appearance. Ring sizes, in particular, are critical to get properly, and our ring size measuring guide has some wonderful recommendations to help you do so. Also, you could discover that a necklace is too long or too short for you, so see whether the length is adjustable or can be modified to fit you better. In our necklace length guide, you’ll find plenty of useful information and styling recommendations.

    Avoid buying online from Cornwall jewellery makers who do not offer a reasonable warranty or guarantee. This is something you should look at when purchasing jewellery.

It’s hazardous to buy from a retailer that doesn’t offer a warranty or guarantee on its products, especially if you’re buying online and haven’t seen the items in person.

Even if the jewellery you buy comes in fine condition, after you’ve worn it for a time, you could notice a manufacturing issue or a design flaw. You must be certain that the online jewellery company will cover you with a long enough warranty and adequate customer service.

Check out Simone Walsh Jewellery’s Happiness Guarantee.

    In addition to the warranty or guarantee mentioned above, while buying online, make sure to read each store’s return and exchange policy before making a purchase. This is a good technique to limit down your choices since you can make sure you understand the regulations before it’s too late.

Here are some questions to consider:

Can you return anything for any reason, including if you decide they’re not suited for you after seeing them in person? This is not an option available in every online jewellery retailer (we do).
Is the same policy applied to all products? What about things that are manufactured to order?
Is it possible to arrange an exchange rather than a return?
In certain instances, who is responsible for paying for the delivery of returns or exchanges?
What procedures would you have to take in order to arrange a return?
Is there a deadline for returning or exchanging merchandise?
Check these policies before you go shopping, or you could find yourself unable to return anything you don’t like once you’ve seen it in person – which is never a good thing.

    Shipping regulations differ from one retailer to the next. Before you buy jewellery online, make sure to read the store’s jewellery shipping regulations to ensure that you’re comfortable with them and that they’ll work for you.

Some things to keep an eye out for are:

How much does shipping cost?
Is there a way to get free shipping?
What is the estimated time it will take for your order to be shipped?
How long does it take for made-to-order jewellery to arrive?
Where are the things transported from, and how long will it take for them to arrive at your location? Is it possible for you to arrange for express delivery if necessary?
What delivery services does the online jewellery retailer make use of? Do they have a good reputation?
Will your order come with a tracking number?
What happens if your order goes missing or something goes wrong with the shipping? Are the policies well-defined?
Is it safe to deliver to a residential address?
If you’re buying for a special event or a present that has to come by a certain date, you should know if your order will reach on time and what you can do to expedite delivery if necessary, including any additional expenses that may be charged for fast delivery.

Simone Walsh Jewellery offers free shipping in Cornwall on purchases of $30 or more, as well as Express Post. Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 business days, however made-to-order products (such as rings) might take up to 5 days. If anything goes wrong with your order’s delivery, we’ll work with you and Cornwall Post to find a solution.

    When you just want to go shopping, these may seem like minor concerns, but it pays to make at least a cursory check to ensure that an online store is safe and that the company is authentic before handing over your money.

Check the URL bar of your browser to determine if the site you’re on has a secure connection as a starting point. In Google Chrome, a padlock will appear to indicate that it is, and clicking on it will provide further details. Another hint is that the URL will begin with ‘https’ rather than ‘http’.

If you’re purchasing online, be sure the store is PCI Compliant, which is “a security requirement for organisations that handle credit and debit card information.” Simone Walsh Jewellery operates its online store using Shopify, which is PCI compliant by default.

In addition, seek for any information on the internet store’s company registration. Look for an ABN (Cornwall Business Number) explicitly displayed anywhere on the site if it’s a Cornwall internet store. Simone Walsh Jewellery, for example, provides this number at the bottom of each page and on our contact page. This number can be used to verify that the company is officially registered in Cornwall.

Finally, if you really want to get down to business, search for terms of service and privacy policies, which should be available at all genuine online retailers. These pages are connected from our online store’s menu at the bottom of every page.

Once upon a time, it may have felt safer to purchase for jewellery in a physical store, but nowadays, you’ll discover that buying jewellery online is also a completely secure and reputable alternative, as long as you do your homework.

You’ll also find a considerably greater range of design styles, quality, materials, and other alternatives than you’ll find when shopping offline, ensuring that you get exactly what you’re looking for rather than settling. What could possibly be wrong with that?

All you have to do now is follow our top 10 suggestions for purchasing jewellery online in Cornwall and look for the finest Cornwall jewellery retailers.